Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whats my Purpose

If someone were to ask me what my purpose in life was, i would think about what i will do in my future that will help benefit me and the society i live in.  I will like to make a difference that is noticeable and doesn't just get pushed under the rug.  I think my  purpose is to be a good steward of the environment and the animals that live with in it.  I want to be a good influence on the people i'm with and around in hope that they will do the same when they're with other people.  I think college is a main goal in my life that i will need to be successful in life and make a difference.  Becoming a conservation officer or somewhere in that region would be an amazing opportunity that i hope someday i can say i accomplished. Staying around where i grew up and to keep giving to the community that has given so much to me as i have grown up.  This town has invested so much in me that i think its my obligation to give back even more when i have the chance to.  Also i believe that a persons purpose in life changes as time goes on.  A teenagers purpose will be different than a forty year old guy with three kids and a wife.  Right now in my life i am focused on school.  I won't always have the opportunity i have right now with the resources given to me through the school for help with classes and help to get into college.  I have a lot more chances getting help financially for school then i would if i worked for a couple years and then decided to go to college.  That's why i need to keep my focus on school and not be worrying about stuff that a 40 year old parent would be worrying about.  Another purpose that a kid my age should be is to serve god in the way he wants and not wait till their older or to late.  They need to be out in the community helping elders with things that they need help with.  That's just an example of one of the things that can be done to help the community you live in and to serve god at the same time.  The newest thing out there is YOLO.  It stands for you only live once.  Some people take this as they need to party all the time and do stuff that isn't considered right.  There's a picture on facebook that really helps illustrate what yolo really means and what some people think it means.  On the top of the picture there is a scene of a party with people going crazy and on the bottom a group of guys in the army in a fight protecting the our land and freedom.  I think it's easy to realize what really is yolo and that a persons purpose in life is not to drink and use substances that changes their mind state completely. Now when i'm older i still think my purpose is to serve god but to also help my children learn the right ways and send them in the right decision as well.  But on top of that i think i need to get a career that i like and not just a job.  I think its especially important to know the difference i am talking about when i say a career and not a job.  I want to use the degree i was focused on getting younger in life to get a job that i can use my skills and interest to further help the common good.  The last purpose i have on my mind is having good relationships with my family and friends.  I don't want to be that lone wolf or whatever you want to call it.  I want someone to come home to and keep passing on the solid core family values that have been taught to me through out my entire life.  I believe that what your purpose in life is is the hardest question you will answer.  But it's a question that will really make you think and make you realize where you wanna be and do.  It is almost like setting multiple goals but more of long term goals other than something that only takes a couple days or something.  So when your thinking of this just think what means most to you in life and make that as your purpose in life.

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  1. Brock,

    I think you would make a great wildlife conservationist. I like that you understand that we do indeed have to give back to this world we live in, whether it is the planet or the people and other species on it. I think I have been living my life aware of that truth of YOLO for as long as I can remember. In the Poisonwood Bible, the mother in the story says, "One only has one life to live." Only hers is OOLL. :) Nice job!